Why Use a Professional Forestry Consultant?
  • "Consulting Foresters Bring Value and Peace of Mind" by Fred Sperry
  • NW Woodlands, Winter 2013, Volume 29, No. 1

    Forest2Market www.forest2market.com

    Oregon State College of Forestry www.cof.orst.edu
    (An excellent all-around forestry school)
    University of Washington, College of Forest Resources www.cfr.washington.edu
    (Very strong on forest sciences)
    Rural Technology Initiative www.ruraltech.org
    (This UW program conducts research relevant to the active management of working forests)
    Oregon Forest Resources Institute www.ofri.org
    (Does an excellent job of bringing good information into the discussion)

    The Nature Conservancy www.nature.org
    (Saving the last great places on earth)
    McKenzie River Trust www.mckenzieriver.org
    (Doing great work on the McKenzie and beyond)

    Sustainable Forestry Initiative www.sfiprogram.org
    (A rigorous certification system widely used in the U.S. timber industry)
    Forest Stewardship Council www.fscus.org
    (Certification system widely supported internationally)
    American Tree Farm System www.treefarmsystem.org
    (ATFS has provided certification for smaller forests since 1941)